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The Noise Nest is a 5,000 square foot recording studio with the latest technology currently available on the scene. 

In partnership with our music division Big Noise Music Group, we pride ourselves in providing our artists with the best equipment and best talent to create an unparalleled result.




Your Music Experts

Nick Gross


Nick Gross is known as one of today’s most creative trailblazers in media and beyond. His career has spanned the industry in a way that very few have, combining music with business incubation to execute a multitude of passion-driven projects. Beginning with a hit show on MTV, Gross shared his raw talent as a musician and drummer with the world, catapulting him to secure deals with major labels and produce music for top artists such as Ariana Grande, Zendaya and Wiz Khalifa, to name a few. As Founder of Gross Labs, he and his team have created an ecosystem in which businesses can flourish, pushing the boundaries of creativity and ingenuity. Most recently, Gross founded Find Your Grind- an education platform rooted in self discovery, launching nation-wide events and curriculum to thousands of schools and students. You can still find Nick at a drumset with the band Half an Animal, and creating music at another one of his enterprises, Big Noise Music Group.

Mike Riley

VP of Operations / Studio Manager

Hailing from Boston, Mike has spent the last decade in Los Angeles producing, engineering and mixing artists across all genres. He loves motorcycles, camping, a well-made Makers Old Fashioned, dogs, drumming, distortion and 808s.

Armin Lopez

Head Staff Engineer

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Armin Lopez is very passionate about music, sound, the recording process and the technology that surrounds it. He strongly believes that creativity is one of the greatest outlets a human being has. His number one goal is to help clients of the Noise Nest achieve the best possible version of their musical ideas. If you’re lucky, you might catch him grilling some of his famous chicken wings outside in the studio parking lot.

Blake Douglas

Administration and Finance

Blake grew up in New York surrounded by music and recording studios. He has years of experience and expertise in audio engineering, studio construction, consulting and management. He’s also known to be a bit of a foodie. Ask him for restaurant recommendations.

Want to work at the Noise Nest? We don’t need your seven-foot long resume. Contact us and give us three reasons why you see yourself as a fit for our team. If you have relevant experience, throw a brief description in there too. Yes, we said brief.